What Are The Benefits Of Using An Electric Compressed Air Duster

electric compressed air duster

Electric compressed air duster has been steadily growing in popularity recently. Why? Many people have started becoming much more aware of the facts surrounding their canned air counterpart products. For starters, some canned air products may be loaded with chemicals such as tetrafluoroethane, trifluorethane, and difluoroethane.


They also emit greenhouse gases which we know can be very harmful to the environment. With an electric compressed air duster, you won’t have to worry about all that.

It lacks chemicals as well as being environmentally friendly too. These devices shoot out air, plain and simple. Below are a few benefits of using this product.


Money And Waste Saving

An electric compressed air duster is normally designed with cost reduction and the environment in mind. This product helps reduce the amount of used up disposal air cans that are thrown away almost every single day of the year.


The fact that they use powerful and efficient electric motors means that they can offer sustainable high cleaning performance. Furthermore, it can happen to last several years before even starting to think about getting a new one. This is opposite to their canned air spray counterparts that will last you a few weeks or so.


The Electric Compressed Air Duster Is Always Ready

Another advantage of having this cleaning device is that it’s always ready for use and never runs out of power either. Unlike their air spray can counterparts which generally have short lifespans as well as lose power regularly, electric compressed air dusters provide a never-ending and consistent supply of dry and clean air.


All you need to do is connect your air duster to your main power outlet using the cable that usually comes attached to it, select the nozzle attachments you intend on using, and get cleaning.


The Enhanced Cleaning It Provides

Most of them are ergonomically designed to be easy to use as well as comfortable. In addition to that they normally also happen to be simple in operation and highly maneuverable. Their lightweight but yet robust plastic casing ensures the electric compressed air duster isn’t too heavy to hold.


Their easy usage is encouraged by the single switch mechanisms most of them employ the use of. The fact that they offer consistent output means much more thorough cleaning which helps enhance the overall cleaning results.

compressed air duster

The Power It Provides

Most of them use electric motors of around 500 watts which is then what’s used to produce powerful jet streams of filtered clean air. The sheer horsepower produced from these air dusters can easily blast away stubborn debris and dust found in those hard-to-reach regions.


The motor’s unique design allows for large amounts of clean air to be rapidly drawn back into the unit’s body before going through directional channels in order to maximize output.



Canned air canisters not only explode when the temperature surrounding them exceeds 120 degrees, but the chemicals within them are also very flammable. Basically, canned air products can be extremely dangerous. However, that’s not the case when it comes to an electric compressed air duster.


They emit no chemicals and produce only fresh, clean air. In other words, these products do not pollute, period. Certainly worth a try.

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