5 Things You Need To Know About Compressed Air Spray Can

compressed air spray can

A compressed air spray is a product used to dust electronic devices or sensitive equipment that can not be cleaned using water. It contains gases that when compressed comes out through the nozzle of the can. Below are questions and answers about compressed air sprayer you may want to know.


1. Where Does A Compressed Air Spray Can Be Used?

The liquid air is used to dust keyboards and sensitive devices. The pressurized liquid rapidly expands when letting out of the nozzle where no drop of the liquid is visible since it has already reached the gaseous state.


2. How To Use An Sprayer Safely?

When using the spray ensure that you don’t hold it upside down to avoid leaks, ensure that the nozzle is close enough to the device being cleaned.

Avoid smoking when using a compressed air spray, it’s highly flammable and might light up the device you are cleaning. Lastly, ensure that you turn off the computer and unplug it from any power source when cleaning computers.


3. How Does It Work?

There are different compressed air sprayers for different devices, from cleaning car tires to PC keyboards. The air sprayer used to clean car tires should not be used to clean PC keyboards or similar parts or electronics as it can damage it due to too much pressure.


4. What Are The Advantages Of Using Compressed Air Spray Can?

Compressed air spray can is easy to use as it is very light and portable. Secondly, it is reliable and cheap to maintain since it is not electrically powered. Lastly, it increases productivity since it is portable and light, can clean devices from any distance.


5. Where To Purchase It?

A compressed air spray can is usually available at your local supermarket or online. When purchasing please ensure that you choose the right spray that suits your needs.


Everything that has pros also has cons, here are some of the limitations of spray can:

Corrosion – the compressed air spray cans when used to clean computers may leave an amount of moisture that could corrode your PC.

May lead to damage – using the spray at high pressure while cleaning may lead to damaged circuits of your device.

Environmental unfriendly – the gases that are produced from the compressed air spray can when used indirectly lead to the depletion of the ozone layer.

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