Consumer Vs Commercial Compressed Air Cleaner

compressed air cleaner

Compressed air cleaners are also commonly referred to as dusting gas, air dusters, and canned air. They are usually used to knock loose dirt and dust via pressurized blasts of air. It’s basically like the portable replacement of the air compressor line.


Their use can be employed for the blowing out of dirt, dust, and food crumbs on your keyboard or to clear out the vents in your computer. The compressed air cleaner is one of those cleaning products that seems rather simple. However, it still manages to lead a lot of people into several misconceptions about it.


Difference Between A Consumer And A Commercial Compressed Air Cleaner

Most people that are searching for the lowest prices oftentimes tend to look to consumer retailer products. Consumer air dusters are normally designed to be as cost-effective or as cheap as they possibly can. They’re specifically not manufactured for industrial use and can sometimes raise concerns.

electric compressed air duster


Retail Air Dusters Have HFC-152a

Most consumer air dusters will contain either butane or propane in them. Manufacturers of these products employ the use of these chemicals because they’re rather cheap. But, it’s certainly not because they’re safe.

In the industrial markets, one of the top concerns happens to be overall safety. Due to this fact, HFC-134a is what’s more widely accepted in that realm. Even though at a higher price.


Additives To Prevent Huffing

A retail compressed air cleaner prevents huffing with the help of a bitterant additive. When the air duster is meant for home use, there’s usually a real concern on whether the materials within the product will be purposely inhaled by minors.


This is what is known as “dusting” or “huffing” and can sometimes translate into tragic consequences. This bitterant ingredient is added to the mix to ensure the air duster tastes bad in order to avoid unfortunate events.


Purity Can Be Questioned

Industrial purchasers normally rely on industrial brands that are trusted. This is largely due to the fact of how the quality of this type of product is usually closely controlled. The materials used are highly filtered. They also have a series of controls set in place to help avoid moisture as well as other contamination.


Check Fill Weight

A consumer compressed air cleaner can come in a wide variety of fill weights. This is basically the material content found inside the can. This normally includes 3.5 ounces, 8 ounces, 10 ounces, and sometimes even much larger than all that we’ve mentioned.

The only way you can judge this is by looking at the label. This is something you’ll need to do because the spray’s size will vary from time to time.



There are several misconceptions based on outdated information that surrounds the compressed air cleaner. One of the most popular of them all is that it can damage the ozone layer. It has been over two decades since air dusters contained CFCs.


Materials that don’t affect the ozone layer have since replaced this CFC ingredient. These products happen to be much safer now than most people think. Hopefully, this article has enlightened you on a thing or two about a compressed air cleaner.

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