Discover The Benefits Of A Canned Air Duster

canned air duster

Canned air duster, commonly referred to as “dusting gas”, “compressed air” or “canned air”. They are normally used to knock loose dust and dirt using a pressurized blast. It’s basically like an air compressor line’s portable replacement.


They can be used to blow out crumbs, dust, and dirt from your keyboard, clear out the vents in your computer, and so on and so forth. Besides all this, a canned air duster still manages to offer several significant benefits over its traditional electrically powered counterparts. Below are some of those few advantages they provide.


They Are Easier To Use

A canned air duster uses compressed air that has been provided by external air compressors to power it up. Furthermore, they do not require the use of their own internal motors. Consequently, compressed air products usually tend to be much more economically designed. In addition, they are lighter and more compact than their power tool counterparts.


This generally means that their use can be employed for longer without having to experience fatigue of the operator. Designs that are more compact also mean that canned air dusters are your best bet in confined, tight, and small spaces where larger conventional tools might not fit.


The Canned Air Duster Is More Economical

Especially when they’re used continuously in industrial and commercial settings, canned air dusters do not consume electricity as compared to their mains-operated counterparts. In fact, in some particular scenarios, such as where you require high degrees of torque to loosen or tighten a fitting, air tool products can also prove more powerful.


They Are More Reliable

Electrically-powered tools generally contain more moving parts as compared to compressed air dusters. This generally means that fewer things can go wrong with them. A canned air duster also requires minimal maintenance as well.


They also happen to be much safer than electrically-powered devices. The lack of a motor that’s powered by electricity in canned air dusters means that an electrical shock risk to the operator due to the malfunctioning of the tool is eliminated.


They Increase Productivity

Thanks to their ease of use, power, and versatility, compressed air cans allow you to complete complex tasks much faster than when you use your conventional power device. This is largely due to the fact that swapping one compressed can for another is much easier as well as quicker.



To achieve the maximum force from a canned air duster, spray short blasts of around four to three seconds at room temperature. This does the trick most of the time. When you spray canned air dusters continuously, they will cool down acting as an effective heat sink.


This canister temperature lowering also helps lower the can’s internal pressure. What this does is helps decrease greatly the generated force. A product like this is one you should definitely consider trying out.

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